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What we do for startups.

We want you to scale! Qualified startups get discounts and free support!

Free DFM & Consulting

Consult with our sourcing, quality assurance, and engineering teams to avoid future issues, reduce costs, and prepare your product for manufacturing.

Generous Pricing Discounts

Enterprise-grade discounts so you can use your margins to scale. Install 2 stations for the price of one.

Free Upgrades

Expedited installation means your QA operations could be running as fast as next day. Free hardware upgrades as they become available.

Free Support

Support in both the US and China. We speak both English and Mandarin Chinese in case you or your factories need anything.


Investors, get your portfolio companies pre-qualified for GetScale discounts and support!

Founders, let's do this! Get in touch to apply. It's fast and easy. We promise.

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