Automated recording of your factory's testing

A complete solution, including hardware, to production quality problems.
Can be deployed in China next day. Simple pricing.

  • Source


    Design your tests in our web app.
    Deploy our cameras in your factory.

  • Observe


    Results logged by serial number.
    Defect rates visible in realtime.

  • Debug


    Trace defects back to the source.
    Enables continuous quality improvement.

3X lower defect rate on average!

10X better protocol compliance.

Deploy GetScale's continuous quality improvement platform in your supply chain and your initial defect rates will drop more than 300% on average!

In our private beta, 50,000 units were studied at four factories in China. GetScale inspection equipment dramatically improved factory compliance with test protocol and improved worker effectiveness in conducting the tests.

New GetScale Camera System

Instruct factory technicians directly.

Eliminates miscommunication.

Our test consoles display your test instructions directly to factory line workers. We take care of any required technical translations into Chinese.

Reduce Liability
Fight Fraud

You build a quality product and now you can prove it.

Bring fraudulent warranty claims to near zero when you can prove a specific serial number was functional when shipped.

With high-definition imagery, users can no longer swap out your functional replacement parts with their broken ones after DIY or service center repairs.

Documenting your test protocol and proving compliance is your best defence against claims of negligence or maliciousness. Don't risk punitive damages and class actions! With GetScale, you can prove you test every single product shipped!

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200,000 units and counting!

The best companies know you need quality controls to get scale!

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